Hisense U8G Android TV

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  • At amazon.es you can purchase HISENSE 43A6GTUK (43 Pulgadas), 4K UHD Smart TV, con Dolby Vision HDR, DTS Virtual X, Youtube, Netflix, Freeview Play y Alexa Integrado, Bluetooth y WiFi (2021 Nuevo), Negro for only 0,00€
  • The lowest price of HISENSE 43A6GTUK (43 Pulgadas), 4K UHD Smart TV, con Dolby Vision HDR, DTS Virtual X, Youtube, Netflix, Freeview Play y Alexa Integrado, Bluetooth y WiFi (2021 Nuevo), Negro was obtained on junio 3, 2024 10:42 pm.
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HISENSE 43A6GTUK (43 Pulgadas), 4K UHD Smart TV, con Dolby Vision HDR, DTS Virtual X, Youtube, Netflix, Freeview Play y Alexa Integrado, Bluetooth y WiFi (2021 Nuevo), Negro


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Especificaciones: Hisense U8G Android TV

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5.51 x 42.52 x 25.98 cm, 7 kilogramos

Producto en Amazon.es desde ‏ : ‎

10 noviembre 2021

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  1. Nuno Santos

    So, this review is for the HISENSE 43A6GTUK 4K UHD Smart TV model.Since I didn’t see many (if any reviews) of people that use this tv with a PS5, I will cover a little bit here.This TV has a very good image quality. When connected to a PS5, the games look amazing. Using the 4K @60 while playing COD might not be advisable if you are one of those really sweaty try hards. For the average player though, it is playable but you do notice the very tiny lag from when you shoot to when the bullet hits. It’s noticeable enough to annoy some people so I thought I would mention it. I have however changed the settings ingame to use 1080p @120hz (yes, this tv does support 1080p @120hz) and the game now runs great with no input lag whatsoever (that I can notice anyway). the picture quality still looks amazing at 1080p so sacrificing a bit on the image to gain those extra FPS on a shooter game is a good trade off. Playing Uncharted on the other hand, I recommend using 4K at @60. For single player games where twitch reflexes don’t matter it is well worth it for the wow factor.Not much more to say about this TV. Great TV for the price paid (£298), with all the smart features one can expect at this price range. It does have netflix, prime and a few other streaming apps. If you are reading this to see if it also has Disney +… Yes, when first connected to the wi-fi, it asked me to do a software update. Once that was done, Disney + was added to my apps, so although Disney is not listed as an app for this tv, you will get it once you do the software update.I have also connected this to my pc and it works great. I can’t seem to get the pc to display hrd to it but that could be the hdmi cable I am using, which is a cable I just had lying around so I will try again with a better quality hdmi cable once it arrives. HDR on the PS5 and on streaming apps works great however so no concerns there. It is not the most wonderful HDR quality you can expect, but it’s pretty decent for the price range.

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  2. Ed

    Admittedly I don’t watch a huge amount of TV and this was to replace a knackered old cumbersome 1080i, Bravia that I got second-hand, but it really feels like I spent my money wisely. I have it hooked up to a refurb’d Apple TV and had to turn off the Hisense Bluetooth so the Apple Remote could learn to control the volume. Also, due to the Apple TV, I’m not using any of the smart features. What I can tell you is that aside from some slightly darker bits in each corner the picture quality (using Dolby HDR) is surprisingly good and the sound far exceeds my expectations. I was also concerned that motion on action movies would be juddery, but it’s been no problem at all on films like Avengers: End Game.

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  3. david

    Is it me ? Maybe.Unboxed the tv. Attached the feet. Plugged in the power cable (About 9.30 am) and cable from my wifi router and followed (or tried to) the on screen set up instructions. Connected to my wifi successfully. Got as far as the TV channel scanning (so far, so good).Went through the Cable option to completion – nothing found. Went through the Satellite option – nothing found. Went through the Antenna option – nothing found. Went through them all again. Then again. Went through them all again in a different order – still nothing.Went to manual scanning – tried that. Nothing found.Went to troubleshooting – no help.Went to the e-manual – no help.Unplugged everything and put my old tv back in place (a Panasonic I bought in 2010 !). TV channels available in an instant.I’m not a technophobe but this tv has defeated me. The hard copy user manual is very poor in terms of detailing which cable needs to go where (how many options can there possibly be ?)Next option – call out a local tv installation company and pay them £40 – £50 to set it up.Final option – send the tv back and claim a refund.Wished I’d never bought the damn thing.Is it possible it doesn’t work with my VIrgin Tivo box ? Did I need to buy something else ?I pay my TV licence so shouldn’t I at least be able to watch free to air channels ?** If you suffer from stress then I would avoid buying this tv.Now at 16.45

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